God Doesn’t Change

This book helps children to understand that while our world may change, God never does. The book explores change through animals, man, weather, and other examples. Perfect for any unit…

God Creating Weather

This is the perfect book to add to your early childhood library especially if you teach weather. This book introduces how God created weather and how man has created words…

I would definitely recommend this course to another teacher! I learned so much about Writing in Science through this course. So much of what I learned was applicable to my own classroom. The science experiments were fun and engaging as well as the other videos. I appreciate the amount of time given to complete the course as well. It is very flexible for teachers with busy schedules. I have loved every course I have taken through Just Simple Science so far and would highly recommend!

Lindsay E. Early Childhood Educator

Writing in Science Course

“Jenny Sue is passionate about science and it motivates me to go back and revisit all of my science lessons! Can’t wait for the next workshop!”


3rd Grade Science Teacher