Writing in Science Online Course

This course is designed for teachers in grades 1-6. This an online course taught through Google classroom. Once you sign up, you will have six months to complete all activities and assignments in order to earn your continuing education (CEU) or license renewal points. Please verify with your school, school divisions, or state this course meets their requirements.

Course Description:
In the science classroom, writing is much more than an exercise for students to document their steps during an investigation. It’s an important vehicle for describing their thought processes and the evidence that supports their reasoning. Writing in Science will show you how to encourage students to grow as scientists and writers by moving beyond recounting how they completed their work and toward explaining what they learned.

Registration open February 15th -March 15th.  Course begins on April 5th. Course is worth 60 CEU’s.

Course will require 10 hours of work each week.

Reflection from previous course students:

Would you recommend this course to other teachers?

“The main text for the class and video was really amazing. It was a really useful tool used in support with the hands on activities. Also, the videos made by the professor wee very helpful as well.”-1st Grade Teacher

“Yes, because it was an interesting class and demonstrated different ways to encourage our learners to love science and be more comfortable learning, talking, and writing about it.”- 5th Grade Teacher


What are some strengths about instructor?

“Dr. Flannagan was interesting to listen to, and motivated me to think like my students would be thinking.  She is excited about the subject matter, and motivates her students to get excited about it as well.  It is apparent how much depth of knowledge she has, but she never made me feel foolish if I had a question, or if I didn’t at first understand something. “-3rd Grade Teacher