Click clack, click clack, squeak, squeak. Ommmmmm, Ommmmmm. Nothing like the sounds a train makes as it rolls down the tracks through fields, over rivers, and through small towns! Today I am heading off on a science adventure to Washington D.C. Yep, Dr. Jenny Sue is going to Washington!  Don’t worry I have not become a politician but instead will be representing the Virginia Association of Science Teachers at the annual Center for Excellence in Education’s Congressional Luncheon. Would you agree with me that a mentos and diet coke explosion is perfectly suited for the steps of the capitol building!

In planning my trip, I dreaded the thought of having to drive to D.C. You all who live here know how crazy traffic in Northern Virginia can be throughout the day! So when my wonderful husband said why don’t you take the train, I jumped on the idea! I had no clue Amtrak had extended coverage to include a stop in Norfolk. Check this out-you can get a round trip ticket to DC for just around $100. If you book your trip early enough, you can get the tickets for some really great prices. But know this-your day starts really early! I was up by 3 a.m. to ensure I was ready to walk out of the house by 4 a.m.! Train pulls in the station promptly at 4:30 a.m. and is off by 5 a.m. By 5:30 I had blown through Suffolk and by 6:30 a.m. was pulling into Petersburg!!

Food and beverages are served on the car (reasonable price) and will be excited to try dinner tonight (will post about my experience later)! Here are the things I love so far:

  • No traffic! Just the thought of having to find a place to park in DC made me sick! I have to say there is something relaxing about sitting and watching the scenery go by!
  • Virginia is a beautiful state! Nothing better than watching the sun come up from the window of a train! When we crossed the James River, it was impressive. With all the rain, the river was rushing to go downstream to the bay! Good day for a little rivah white water rafting!
  • Free WiFi that had incredible connection! I know what you are thinking! I should have just enjoyed the ride. But those of you that know me know I can’t sit still for very long. 8 hours on a train is a long time and if I can crank out some lesson plans or get some sessions developed, then I can have more free time this summer!
  • What other method of transportation allows you to race a freight train going 60 miles per hour? The cover picture was taken as we caught up and passed a huge freight train that rolled passed us in Petersburg! Felt a little uneasy and was praying I would not be reenacting scenes from the movie-unstoppable! But exciting none the less!

If you are up for an adventure, why not try the train next time you want to go to DC!!



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