I am trying to become a serious blogger. Notice I said the word trying. What I have learned over the last few months is this-if you want to be a serious blogger, you have to make time to write. So here I sit, writing, writing, writing. Maybe one day my blog will be recognized and maybe it won’t. But if one teacher who visits this site walks away with a new idea for teaching science or a new website that helps improve their teaching, then I have served my purpose in life!

This blog post is all about creativity, drawing people together, and inspiration. Sometimes one website or blog can just make your day. Other times, you see something on a blog and you ask yourself, how did they do that? And other times, you read a blog that just leaves you going, I want to be like that person! Take a read through three of my new favorite sites. Enjoy!

The School Supply Addict

I have a cousin who is an amazing artist. I look at his work and am amazed at what he can draw. When a friend showed me this site, I was in teacher heaven! When I was teaching, I used to spend hundreds, well maybe not really that much, but it seemed like a lot of money on cute bulletin boarders and posters to make my room fun and inviting. If this site had been around then, I would be in debt up to my eyeballs!

Ashley Hughes is amazing!! Already in this past month, I have purchased several of her items and they are quality with a capitol Q! Of course, if my husband finds out  how much I have spent, he will kill me (not in our budget!). But seriously, anyone can afford her work because the items run between 2-5$. Yes, I said 2-5$!!! Her graphics are perfect and she seems to have thought of everything. From cute paper to clip art, you will find everything you need to jazz up your classroom and lesson plans this year! Every now and then, Ashley even gives away free stuff!  Oh, if I could be like her some day! Be sure to check it out!


Drawing people together or rather drawing them to your website or blog is the name of the game with this site. Of course as I was reading Ashley’s blog, I noticed she does a lot of giveaways. Then, another friend hooked me up with this site. Intrigued, I started reading and learning how these little things work. They really are simple. All you do is sign up for free, fill out the information on what you want to giveaway, then hit click. In a matter of two seconds, you have a code you simply copy and paste into your site and like magic, you get your giveaway box! Of course I had to try it! Please don’t let me down.  Enter to win a free copy of the book “The Magnificent Magnifying Lens” along with lesson plans and free materials! I will even get the authors to sign the book for you! You might just be the next winner of Jenny Sue’s small give!!

Read, Run, Raise a Family

Lastly, we all need inspiration in our lives every now and then. This last blog is a shout out to a friend of mine who has inspired me to start stepping out and getting my work/ideas out there! I have known Peggy for a long time now, but we have recently just reconnected. I was blessed to have her take one of my workshops and her enthusiasm and support of my work made me feel like a rock star!  But I often wonder if over the last few weeks she knows how much she has really inspired me. Just the other day, she posted on her facebook page that she ran 3 miles without walking once. Let me tell you, I have run two half marathons, but I can barely even run one mile without walking. But one day, I am going to be like Peggy! I will run 3 miles without stopping!

Peggy does not just write about running. She also writes about life, books, teaching, and much more.  So go check out her blog and get inspired! You won’t be disappointed!


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