I can’t believe another summer has gone and the kids are off to school. With the beginning of school comes a time to do things differently, to jazz up what we did the year before, and to inspire another group of students!

And the winner is…

Last week I did my first ever drawing and I have to give a big shout out out to Karen M. who won the Magnificent Magnifying Lens and activity pack! Can’t wait to see pictures of her girls doing some science! Thanks to all who entered!

Cool Resources for 2013-2014!

With all the teachers heading back, I wanted to share a couple of links I found from a friend. These are some great resources and they are FREE! That is right-free. So go check them out!

This site offers free lesson plans. All you do is sign up. Most of the resources have power points and other pre-created items you would need to teach the lesson!

Apps for the Classroom

Who doesn’t love those little apps!  Developed by Cyndie Sebourn, there are over 20+ apps ranging from reading strategies to math. Most of them are very inexpensive to purchase but the best part is you get the curriculum for free! Go check it out!

Lesson Pathways

For all my elementary friends-this is your site! It has a ton of lesson plans but I have to admit- it does take some time to go through all the lessons. Most of them seem to be linked to a website or a sample lesson. For example, I looked up scientist activities and found my way to the family education website where it had a lesson on evaporation and how scientists do their work. Might be good for a rainy day when you have time to explore.

Media Education Lab

This is a great site for those looking to integrate multimedia curriculum resources in the classroom. I personally found the site to be full of great ideas and support. For example, I clicked on a tab called Copyright and found lesson plans, power point, and other tools to teach students the importance of paying attention to copyright laws.

Let me know your thoughts on these resources! Hope you all have a fantastic Back-to-School week!

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